Joy as mother and son reunited: Eighteen-month-old toddler who disappeared with babysitter is found by police

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A YOUNG mother hugged and kissed her toddler son yesterday after an emotional reunion at the end of a two-day ordeal during which he disappeared with his babysitter.

Choking back tears of relief, Karen Gordon, 19, cuddled 18-month- old Andre and said: 'I'm just so happy that he is back.

'He's a bit tired and wants to go to sleep and he is probably hungry as well. I'm going to take him home and give him a bath and some tea and put him to bed.'

The boy had been left by his mother on Friday night with Fiona McCorey, 22, at the babysitter's home in Baldwin House, Newtown, Birmingham - a block of flats where both women live. But in the early hours of Saturday, Fiona stormed out after a family row, taking Andre with her. And despite anxious appeals by Karen and police, Fiona failed to return the boy.

West Midlands Police traced them to a hostel on the outskirts of Birmingham, but got there 20 minutes after Fiona and the toddler had left.

As concern grew throughout yesterday, the search was intensified and a member of the public raised the alarm after spotting the pair walking in the Aston district of the city.

Police found Fiona there with Andre, who was safe and well.

Fiona, who has minded Andre on a number of occasions, was last night being questioned by detectives at a nearby police station, but it was unclear whether she was likely to face any charges.

Before they were found, police said they would deal sympathetically with Fiona providing Andre was returned unharmed.

Detective Inspector David Bates, who led the search said: 'We are delighted and relieved that both the baby and Fiona have been found safe and well.'

After Andre had been given a medical check-up by doctors at a local health centre his mother said that in future she would ask her sister to babysit.

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