Judge rewards moorland 'posse'

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POLICE officers and farmworkers who captured two burglars after tracking them through snow for four hours were rewarded by a judge yesterday.

Elizabeth Coates, 68, discovered intruders in her isolated home on Grinton Moor in North Yorkshire, and the 'posse' gave chase, led by Mrs Coates's son, John, a gamekeeper.

Tim Clayson, for the prosecution, told Teesside Crown Court: 'For four hours and six miles they followed the footprints in the snow, tracking them up hill and down dale. It was snowing, with sometimes blizzard and extreme weather conditions.'

Judge Roger Scott asked the men to stand up in court - PCs Thomas Lawlor and Martin Telford, Mr Coates, Martin Pybus, Robert Fallows, Anthony Williams and Paul Brown.

Paul Harvey, 27, and Ian Don aldson, 31, both of Richmond, admitted burglary and were remanded on bail for reports. The judge awarded pounds 175 to each civilian and commended the officers.