Kasparov peace move takes Short by surprise

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THE WARRING factions in the world of chess have moved closer to reconciliation with an announcement that the Chess Olympiad, organised by Fide (the International Chess Federation), will be held in Moscow, thanks to a remarkable initiative by Garry Kasparov, the champion and president of the rival PCA (Professional Chess Association), writes William Hartston.

Last month, the Olympiad collapsed six weeks before the event was due to begin in Thessaloniki when the Greek Chess Federation failed to produce the necessary financial guarantees.

Kasparov then made his surprise move, presenting the Fide executive council with an offer, supported by a bank guarantee, to stage the event in Moscow.

The man who seems to have been caught out by the cessation of hostilities is Nigel Short. After agreeing with Kasparov that neither would play in Greece, where the Fide headquarters are based, he announced that he was not available for the English team.

When the event moved to Moscow, Short advised the British Chess Federation that he would like to play. But after four days of consultations the team was confirmed as originally selected.