Killing of a Constable: Officer died serving community

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CONSTABLE Patrick Dunne became the victim of a modern, urban crime while performing one of the most traditional of policing duties. He had bicycled to settle a domestic dispute.

All day yesterday, tributes were being paid to PC Dunne, led by Paul Condon, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. He had not known PC Dunne, he said, but he knew hundreds like him: 'He was a good, honest, kind, gentle local bobby doing what the Met does best, doing what British policing does best - working with his local community.' His file was full of letter of thanks from local people.

PC Dunne, 44, a single man, joined the police three years ago. On his application form he said he wanted to join to help society. His final sentence read: 'I am apprehensive about the less pleasant aspects of the job but I hope I will be able to cope satisfactorily with them.'

Born in Sussex, he moved north to teach in the Bolton, Greater Manchester, area, returning to London in 1986; he taught at another school and obtained an Open University degree. His mother, 67, who still lives in London, was last night being treated in hospital for shock.

His brother, Ivan Dunne, 40, an electrician, said PC Dunne had never expressed worries about the dangers of policing: 'He loved the job.' He did not believe his brother wanted to carry a gun. Asked about PC Dunne's killers, he said: 'I'm sure when it sinks in, I will probably despise them with all my heart for what they have done.'