Labour in Blackpool: Quotes of the day

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'Let's be tough on capitalism and tough on the causes of capitalism' - Jim Mearns, Glasgow.

'We're in favour of public ownership of whatever's left when the Tories have finished with it' - Ken Livingstone MP.

'Jimmy the Tank Engine and Vernon the Serious Engine ran rings round Bob Horton, the Fat Controller - Frank Dobson, transport spokesman, on the signalworkers' dispute.

'The greatest single indictment of the Tories' 15 years in office is that they have made crime so unexceptional that much of it now passes without comment or investigation' - Jack Straw, environment spokesman.

Decisions of the day

Conference decided to: scrap Trident; reaffirm commitment to Clause IV(4); pledge renationalisation of the railways and abolition of the NHS internal market and NHS trusts; call on the next Labour government to abolish the rule requiring 85 per cent of community care funding to be spent in the private sector; called on the Parliamentary party to vote against single-tier local authority proposals without democratic and funding safeguards.

Delegates also called for a manifesto commitment to a Bill of Rights; backed shareholder ballots for political party donations and an element of state funding for political parties; and called on a Labour government to make racial harassment and violence a specific criminal offence.