Labour peer jailed for attack on psychotherapist

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LORD MONKSWELL (left), the Labour peer, was yesterday jailed for attacking a psychotherapist he believed had brainwashed a patient with whom he had a relationship.

The peer, who had pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to assaulting Robin Cooke with a spanner, was sentenced to 14 weeks' imprisonment by magistrates in Manchester.

They were told that the peer, who is also a Manchester city councillor, and appeared under his usual name of Gerrard Collier, faced political ruin over the incident last October at a clinic in Chorlton, Manchester, in which Mr Cooke suffered bruises to his head and shoulders.

Matthew Smith, for the prosecution, said Mr Cooke was interested in treating people who were suffering from stress after the break-up of a relationship.

He had been treating someone with whom the peer had been having a relationship. 'Collier was concerned about the splitting-up of the relationship and after going to the clinic became violent,' Mr Smith said. 'He was carrying an adjustable spanner and during the altercation struck out at Mr Cooke, accusing him of brainwashing the lady in question.'

Collier, 46, of Northern Moor, Manchester, who is separated from his wife and three children, had decided not to seek re- election as a councillor. He intended to move to London to work in the House of Lords. He was ordered to pay pounds 150 compensation to Mr Cooke.

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