Law Report: Sisters succeed in assault claims: P and others v K - Queen's Bench Division (Sir Gervase Sheldon, sitting as a High Court judge), 11 November 1993

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Three sisters were awarded damages for physical and indecent assaults by their father during their childhood and adolescence.

Sir Gervase Sheldon gave judgment for three plaintiffs against their father, K. The plaintiffs, three sisters now aged 28, 25 and 24, claimed damages against their father for physical and indecent assault, aggravated in some cases by sexual intercourse and buggery inflicted in their childhood and adolescence. The allegations included frequent beatings by cane and belt and sexual abuse. The plaintiffs claimed damages for pain and mental suffering and for future medical treatment, such as counselling. The father denied the allegations.

Howard Shaw (Thomson Snell & Passmore) for the plaintiffs; Karen Rea (Wainwright & Cummins) for the father.

SIR GERVASE SHELDON said that the plaintiffs had proved their case beyond all reasonable doubt and succeeded in their claims. The plaintiffs had given truthful and accurate accounts. It was difficult to believe a thing the father said. Each would be allowed pounds 3,500 to cover future medical treatment. General damages of pounds 13,000, pounds 8,000 and pounds 7,000 would be awarded respectively.

Ying Hui Tan, Barrister