Man suffering from blocked nose dials 999

Unidentified man was concerned that he couldn't breathe

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An ambulance rushed to treat a man who claimed he was having breathing difficulties – only for the crew to realise he had a blocked nose.

The unidentified man from Leamington Spa rang 999 at 4.10am on Tuesday morning to complain he was having difficulty breathing, but when a West Midlands Ambulance crew arrived at his home they found he was only suffering from a blocked nose.

A spokesperson for the Ambulance crew said that they deal with approximately 3,000 calls every day – but that not all are for life-threatening injuries.

“While we’re dealing with these calls there are less call assessors available to deal with that life threatening emergency,” they told The Independent and urged people to think before dialling 999 and instead ring 101.

“If you’ve had a minor accident like a cut finger or a sprained ankle the please look at other avenues, please don’t waste our time," they added.

Police and ambulance series across the country have reported a surge in ill-advised 999 calls in recent years, with many issuing public appeals to raise awareness.

Among the more ridiculous calls logged to emergency services was one man who rang West Midlands Police to complain about a prostitute’s appearance after meeting her. Another rang the emergency services to ask if she could eat the “green bit” on a potato.

And finally, in November last year, a London Ambulance Service crew were called out after a shopper in Westfield centre complained of extreme pain. The problem? Trapped wind.