Liberal Democrats' Conference: Quotes of the day

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'When the Prime Minister complains of the 'yob culture', he is showing what John Stuart Mill called 'the inability of the unanalytic mind to recognise its own handiwork' - Earl Russell.

'The Christian Democrats of every country in the EU watch people like Michael Portillo the way children look at their first giraffe, though I don't think they have the urge to stroke him' - Robert Maclennan on assuming the party presidency.

'He (Tony Blair) is talking fine words . . . Paddy used them three years ago, so I know they're fine words' - Liz Lynne, staunchly anti-Labour MP for Rochdale.

'It is a wrong, inflicted on all the people of all the 12 member states of the European Union, when the British electoral system falsifies the democratic voice of Europe' - Gijs de Vries, leader of the Liberal Democratic and Reform Group in the European Parliament.