Madonna book is referred to CPS

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Police have referred Madonna's controversial new book, Sex, to the Crown Prosecution Service for advice on whether proceedings should be instituted.

The move follows complaints from Nicholas Winterton, the Conservative MP for Macclesfield, to the Obscene Publications Squad, and to Kenneth Clarke, the Home Secretary. The book includes explicit photographs of the pop and film star in scenes of bondage and sado-masochism.

Mr Winterton said: 'I am encouraged at the prompt and responsible action of the police. Let us hope that the Crown Prosecution Service do the decent thing and get this book off our shelves.

'This is a vile, obscene and pornographic book which features explicit sexual references and sado-masochistic scenes. It is quite wrong that material of this kind should be available, particularly to young children, for whom this individual may be considered something of an icon.'

A CPS spokesman said that the book 'is under consideration'.