Man, 64, 'threatened the BBC'

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A 64-YEAR-OLD man threatened to destroy the BBC during a year-long battle to 'expose corruption', a court was told yesterday.

Brian Davies repeated his threats to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission after it rejected his protests over his treatment as a guest on Robert Kilroy-Silk's morning television chat show. He told the jury at Southwark Crown Court that at no time had he 'indicated violence and slaughter'.

The retired management consultant was a guest on Kilroy in December 1991, which discussed the IRA a day after a bomb exploded at Clapham Junction in south London.

Mr Davies, of Worcester Park, Surrey, said the terrorists' action was 'reasonable in the circumstances'. But he became disgruntled at the way his views were handled by Mr Kilroy-Silk, a former Labour MP, and complained to the BCC.

Mr Davies, who denies two charges of threatening to destroy or damage property in August and December 1992, told police who arrested him that his aim was to get to court.

When asked why, Mr Davies told officers: 'Because I want to get to court to explain - because there are things of national importance.' He added: 'I believe it is appropriate to frighten people to a limited extent in order to prevent a national disaster.'

He said: 'My objective was to get into court to expose corruption in the BCC.'

The trial continues today.