Man awarded pounds 60,000 for trauma of horse collision

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A BUSINESSMAN who became a 'nervous wreck' after a horse ran into his car was awarded pounds 60,000 damages yesterday.

Jeffrey Davies, 38, saw his marriage collapse and businesses fold due to 'trauma' caused when the runaway horse bolted into his Mercedes Benz at St Mellons, South Glamorgan.

Dr Gregory Webber, a psychiatrist, told the High Court in Cardiff that Mr Davies made love to his wife Susan an average of four times a week before the accident but had not had sexual intercourse with her since.

Mr Davies, of Rogerstone, Gwent, said: 'The collision with the horse was a terrible sound - an indescribable sound of flesh meeting steel. I live through the horror of it all the time.' The horse was not badly hurt.

He told the court he had not worked in the last three years, his marriage had ended in divorce and a property repossession, and he still suffered nightmares.

He won judgment for liability against Pamela Seward, the horse owner of Lisvane, Cardiff. The action was against her insurance company.