Man filmed punching woman in the face in vicious fight in McDonald's captured on CCTV

McDonald's have said the severity of the incident has led to them passing the video to police

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CCTV footage from a McDonald's restaurant in Greater Manchester shows a vicious fight involving three people, with a man punching a woman in the face on numerous ocassions.

The fight occurred at a branch of the fast food chain in Mottram earlier this year, with the footage of the event being sent from McDonald's to the Greater Manchester Police.

The video shows a man and woman trading blows at the door of the restaurant, with a third man appearing to intervene between the pair as well as attacking the other male.

They then make their way into the main area of the restaurant, with the man with the shaved head repeatedly punching the other man before the woman intervenes and manages to briefly halt the punch-up.

However, the shaven-headed man then lashes out at the woman and the pair begin to scuffle further.

The Manchester Evening News reported that a spokesman from McDonald's said the attack took place on January 12, 2015, adding: "We are aware of this incident which took place back in January, in our Mottram restaurant.

"Due to its severity, police were informed and a copy of the CCTV has been provided in order to assist the investigation."

In March this year, another fight at a McDonald's - this time in Brooklyn, New York City - gained significant attention after graphic video showed the moment a gang of teenage school kids viciously attacked a 15-year-old girl for nearly three minutes, as a large crowd of adults and children failed to intervene.