Man holding dead squirrel photobombs live ITV News broadcast

It's unclear whether news of the squirrel's death will lead the six o'clock news

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Eat your heart out Monty Python: 2015's version of the Dead Parrot sketch is...the dead squirrel photobomb.

When Romilly Weeks stood outside Parliament to discuss the long-awaited Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq War, she must have assumed that nothing would be able to steal the spotlight from a topic that dominated Prime Minister's Questions and a war that has hardly ever been out of the headlines.

Yet she did not expect her live broadcast on ITV News to be interrupted by one a bizarre scene unfolding behind her: a man walking past holding aloft a dead squirrel.

It's unclear who the man was and where exactly he was taking the deceased creature. However, it is noted that January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Only one thing can be ascertained from the video, to quote Python: the squirrel was definitely not resting.