Man is awarded pounds 100,000 over police assault claim

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A DISABLED man was awarded more than pounds 100,000 damages at Liverpool County Court for an alleged attack by a policeman.

William King, 59, said he was sworn at, kicked and thrown through a door by Sergeant Karl Kneale after being arrested for disorderly conduct at a Liverpool police station when he went to visit his son. Mr King, of Mossley Hill, Liverpool, who suffers from a spinal complaint, spent two and a half years pursuing the case.

The court was told he had gone to Tuebrook police station to see his son but was told by Sgt Kneale that he could not. After he had pressed the bell three or four times Sgt Kneale swore at him to leave or he would be arrested. He refused and was arrested.

Mr King told the court that he was then grabbed by the neck and flung through a door, falling on his face. Sgt Kneale then kicked him in the back.

The claims were denied by other officers but a police doctor said Mr King had an injury consistent with being kicked. Mr King was acquitted of disorderly behaviour and his son was also acquitted.