Meet David Cameron's all-Conservative cabinet: The hypocrisy of the Tory front bench

Video: The Independent breaks down the voting patterns of the Prime Minister's new team

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It's been a week to remember for the Conservative party and David Cameron following their stunning victory in the 2015 general election: the Prime Minister, freed from the shackles of the Liberal Democrats, now has an all-Tory cabinet to play with.

Yet Mr Cameron's appointments to the front bench have raised some eyebrows. In the latest attack on the Prime Minister's ministerial selection process, the new Culture Secretary, John Whittingdale, has been attacked by betting addiction charities due to his "pro-gambling" stance.

The appointment of Mr Whittingdale, a former political secretary to Margaret Thatcher, is seen as a victory for right-wingers in the Tory party, who hope to use Mr Cameron's slim majority to leverage influence over the executive.

Gambling reform campaigners say Mr Whittingdale's appointment is a "deliberate" move to weaken gambling regulation. However, that's not the only issue Mr Whittingdale has been attacked on: to find out more about the new Culture Secretary's views, as well as that of many other new appointments, watch this video:

David Cameron is facing diplomatic isolation and his first backbench rebellion over plans to scrap the Human Rights Act and exempt the Government from implementing unfavourable European Court of Human Rights rulings.