Meet the vlogger inspiring others with make-up tutorials after being diagnosed with cancer

Andrea Pelligrini's video tutorials are helping women cope with chemotherapy

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Most people who undergo chemotherapy find losing their hair traumatic.

When Andrea Pelligrini was diagnosed with breast cancer she decided to use her skills as a make up artist to advise others dealing with cancer. She set up the Youtube channel, Baldly Beautiful, an on-going series of make-up tutorials for women having chemotherapy.

Pelligrini films the short tutorials from her home in West Harrow, where she applies make up and shares her top tips on how to "make the best of your features whilst not having any or very little hair!"

Talking to London Live, Pelligrini said that the regular video tutorials had now become a part of her life; a rewarding job.

"People are relying on me and that makes me feel like, even when I’m tired, even when I'm slobbing, (I say to myself) come on you've got to do this, you've got to put your make-up on, you've got to get dressed and think of ideas for the next tutorial," she said.

The videos also help Pelligrini show a more positive side to her young children.

"I think for the kids it's been really good," she said. "I mean, Emily, she edits all the videos for me. Max is always checking how many views I've had and rather than seeing mum on the sofa, really not feeling well all the time, I'm doing something positive and I  am putting on my make-up, getting dolled up, trying to get on and be normal."