Mother injected insulin into baby

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A MOTHER suffering from depression fed her three-month-old baby tranquillisers and then injected the child with insulin while she was recovering in hospital, a court was told yesterday.

Anita Blazey, 27, a diabetic, then fed the baby milk laced with aspirin and paracetamol, Bristol Crown Court was told.

Doctors fear the baby suffered brain damage but will have to wait four years until the full extent is known.

Blazey, of Easton, Bristol, was yesterday placed on probation for two years after admitted administering a poisonous substance with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm.

Ian Fenney, for the prosecution, said that on 29 October last year Blazey gave the baby tranquillisers she had been prescribed for depression. 'The child was rushed to the children's hospital where doctors found the condition baffling. The baby was floppy.

'On 2 November the child deteriorated and suffered a fit . . . the child was placed in intensive care where the blood sugar level was found to be dangerously low. It contained an excessively high level of insulin.'

Blazey at first denied giving the baby insulin but later broke down and confessed. In a statement read to the court a nurse said that Blazey claimed her boyfriend drank and gambled all their money and she could not bring up the child properly. 'Then she confessed she had given tranquillisers to the child. She said she had also given some of her own insulin as a cry for help but didn't want to harm the child.'