Mother was hacked to death as baby played

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THE HUSBAND of a British woman murdered by robbers in Kenya told yesterday how he found his wife hacked and battered to death in a room next door to where his 14-month-old baby daughter played happily.

Adam Winter disturbed the gang just after they had killed his wife, Caron, in their house in a suburb of Nairobi on Sunday.

The robbers then attacked Mr Winter with knives and a hammer, slashing off part of his nose and battering him to the ground. He saved himself by pretending to be unconscious and when the raiders left pressed a panic button to alert the police.

Mrs Winter, 30, was a successful businesswoman in the Kenyan capital, having moved there with her family from St John's Wood, north London.

Interviewed in the London Evening Standard yesterday, Mr Winter, 27, a pilot who flies aid supplies to Rwandan refugees, said: 'I found my wife lying in our daughter Ruby's room. She had probably gone in there to try to protect the baby. There was blood and possessions all over the place.

'All pilots are trained to give first aid so I tried to revive her with the kiss of life - but she was already dead.

'I picked up my baby and she was laughing. She didn't know what had happened.'

Speaking from a hotel in Nairobi after receiving hospital treatment, Mr Winter said the robbers told him to lie on the floor and then hit him on the head with a hammer, demanding to know where he kept his money.'

A security guard gave chase and shot one of the robbers dead.

Mr Winter is believed to work for the commercial airline Safari Air. The couple had been married seven years and had lived in Nairobi for a year.