Motorists back drink-drive bans

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MOST MOTORISTS back tough measures against drunk drivers, though many admit they will risk drinking before driving this holiday, a survey revealed yesterday.

In all, 59 per cent of drivers surveyed by the General Accident insurance company supported life driving bans for those failing breath tests, with 71 per cent backing confiscation of offenders' cars in some cases.

The Government's advertising campaign against drink-driving won the backing of 90 per cent. But 24 per cent said they would have a drink before driving during the Christmas break, trusting their judgement to keep them under the limit.

More than one-third said they came under social pressure to drink, even when people knew they were driving. However, 78 per cent said that if they went out in a group this holiday season they would nominate a driver who would not drink.

A motorist caught drinking and driving for the 14th time and driving while banned for the 35th time was yesterday remanded in custody by Leicester magistrates until 19 January for social inquiry reports. Jeremy Smith, 29, who was banned from driving for 30 years in 1989, was stopped by police on Monday night near his home in Beaumont Leys, Leicester. He admitted driving with excess alcohol, without insurance and while disqualified.