Murder case woman 'wanted night's sleep'

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A WOMAN accused of murder was more worried about getting a good night's sleep than whether police found her missing aunt, a court was told yesterday.

Hove Crown Court was told that Sheila Bowler, 62, a music teacher, of Rye, East Sussex, said she hoped police would not ring with news of their search until the morning so that she could get a proper night's rest.

Florence Jackson, her 89-year-old aunt, could not walk unaided. Mrs Bowler, who denies murder, is alleged to have pushed her into the river Brede after picking her up for a two-day home visit from a nursing home in Winchelsea, East Sussex.

The prosecution claim she committed the murder because the elderly relative's nursing fees of more than pounds 1,000-per- month were eating into her inheritance.

Mrs Bowler, a widow, told police that her car got a puncture and when she returned from getting help her aunt had disappeared. The prosecution says Mrs Bowler rang for help after killing her aunt.

The case continues today.