Nation cuts sugar and fat intake

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PEOPLE are eating more healthily, cutting down their intake of fat and sugar and consuming more carbohydrates, according to the latest results from the National Food Survey. After several years of decline, fish and chips is also making a comeback, writes David Nicholson-Lord.

Among the positive trends are the substitution of skimmed for whole milk, with total milk consumption also down. The amount of Cheddar cheese eaten fell by 4 per cent. Less sugar and preserves were sold and more low-calorie soft drinks.

The results, for the first quarter of 1993, show that more fresh fruit was eaten than in the same period in 1992. A drop in the consumption of fresh green vegetables was more than offset by increases in other fresh vegetables, notably carrots.

There were increases in convenience foods such as fish and chips and fresh pizzas, reflecting a rise in take-away meals.