Neo-Nazi denies having affair with journalist

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IN A SWORN statement read to the High Court yesterday, Eugene Terre-Blanche, the South African neo-Nazi leader, 'categorically refuted' allegations that he had a sexual relationship with Jani Allan, the journalist suing Channel 4 for allegedly portraying her as a 'lady of easy virtue'.

Mr Terre-Blanche said in an affidavit sworn two days ago at his farm in the Transvaal that an attack on his character by Cornelius 'Kays' Smit, his former right- hand man in the ultra-right AWB party, had spurred him to make a statement. Mr Smit said he had no doubt that Miss Allan and Mr Terre-Blanche had an affair.

The statement read: 'All these attempts to exaggerate the extent of my relationship with Miss Allan will ultimately be seen for what they are - a pack of lies.'

He linked the allegations to the political battle facing the AWB. 'We are engaged at this time in a bitter struggle to preserve a proud nation and culture from annihilation by Communist-inspired forces at play in South Africa. Our enemies know no Christian morality. We are a God-fearing people . . . we will never surrender our national identity.'

Mr Terre-Blanche claimed he did not even know Linda Shaw, Miss Allan's former flatmate, who claims she saw Mr Terre-Blanche and Miss Allan having sex when she looked through a keyhole in a bedroom door. His statement was read out by Charles Gray, counsel for Miss Allan.

Miss Allan, 40, of Hampton Court, Surrey, is suing Channel 4 Television over the film The Leader, His Driver and the Driver's Wife, which she says portrayed her as 'a lady of easy virtue' who slept with Mr Terre-Blanche. Channel 4 denies it suggested an affair, but argues that such an allegation would have been justified.

Earlier Miss Shaw broke down on the witness stand after being asked to return to explain apparent discrepancies in statements she gave concerning an alleged incident in which Miss Allan and Mr Terre-Blanche kissed and fumbled in the back of Miss Allan's car. Questions centred on whether she claimed sexual intercourse or sexual activity took place.

Earlier, Martin Kahanovitz, Miss Shaw's former boyfriend, turned to face Andrew Broulidakis across the court and accused him of being 'scum'. Mr Broulidakis has told the court he had a sexual encounter with Miss Shaw earlier this year - with Miss Allan's knowledge - to try to find out what her evidence would be.

Mr Kahanovitz, a South African businessman, said he had given evidence out of loyalty to Miss Shaw and to tell the truth, as she was doing. Looking at Miss Allan, he said: 'It's just a pity and very sad Jani that it has happened this way, because Linda was a very good friend to you, and so was I'

Stephanie Godson, a media relations executive, claimed she challenged Miss Allan about rumours concerning her and Mr Terre-Blanche in March 1988, two months after Ms Allan had interviewed the AWB leader. She warned her it was dangerous.

She claimed Miss Allan replied: 'I know, but I find him so compelling. I can't help myself. I don't know what to do about it. I can't even explain it to myself.'

Miss Allan, who denies she had an affair with Mr Terre-Blanche, says the conversation never took place.

In a statement read out by George Carman QC, for Channel 4, Miss Liesl Louw, a journalist and former waitress at a Pretoria restaurant popular with Mr Terre- Blanche, said the AWB leader brought Miss Allan there in November 1988. They sat at a table in the corner and were the last to leave, after midnight. 'It did not look like a business meeting to me . . . they were very intimate indeed,' she said.

Mr Terre-Blanche 'was very charming to Jani Allan. This was in sharp contrast to his attitude with his wife'. When Mr Terre- Blanche had dined with his family he had been 'very chauvinistic . . . He decided what his wife should drink and eat,' Miss Louw said.

The hearing resumes on Monday.