New Year Honours: Imperial Service Order

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Bentley, TA, grade 7, DSS; Blackshaw, PA, grade 7, HM Board of Customs and Excise; Boulderstone, Miss PR, Insp of Taxes P, HM Bd of In Rev; Dyer, MD, grade 7, Dept of Trade and Indust; Gowland, D, grade 7, DSS; Gowland, KG, insp of taxes SP, HM Bd of In Rev; Hall, DA, former grade 7, Central Computer and Telecommuns Agency, Office of Publ Serv and Science; Howard, JF, grade 7, Min of Agric, Fisheries and Food; Hsu, A, Hsung, Dir of Reg Servs, HK; Iredale, PG, former grade 6, DoE; James, DG, former grade 7, Acas; Jones, RM, former grade 6, FCO; Knowles, G, grade 6, DoE; Lan, D, Hong Tsung, Prin HK Economic and Trade Representative, Tokyo; Leeson, RGS, grade 6, Propty Service Agency Serv, DoE; Maguire, NH, insp of taxes SP, HM Bd of In Rev; McDowell, R, insp of taxes SP, HM Bd of In Rev; Murray, RT, sen prin scient offr, DoT; Phelps, LC, insp of taxes SP, HM Bd of In Rev; Powell, WJA, Prin Scientific Offr, MOD; Pyrke, AC, Dep Dir of Marine, H Kong.

Russ, JH, grade 7, MOD; Small, LFG, grade 7, Department of Health; Thornton, MB, former grade 6, MOD; Walker, GL, Grade 7, DTI; Wall, ED, former professional and technol superintending grade, MOD; Wylie, WJ, former grade 7, Dept of Educ, N Ireland.