Nurse killed to be centre of attention: Young victims of nurse on Ward 4

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Liam Taylor, seven weeks. Allitt attacked him twice, the second, fatal attack on 23 February causing a massive heart attack. Murdered with either drugs or her hand over his face.

Timothy Hardwick, 10. Impaired sight, severely handicapped. Murdered by Allitt on 5 March. His heart stopped, probably because she injected him.

Kayley Desmond, 15 months. Recovering from chest infection when Allitt attacked her at least twice, between 8 and 11 March, injecting air through a syringe. Recovered fully after transfer.

Paul Crampton, five months. Recovering from bronchial illness. Attacked by Allitt three times, between 23 and 28 March, with massive insulin injections. Recovered fully.

Bradley Gibson, five. Left alone with Allitt early on 30 March. Suffered heart attack after Allitt attacked him with dose of heart- stopping potassium. Permanently lame in one leg, unable to control bladder or bowel.

Henry Chan, two. Sleeping when Allitt attacked him twice late on 31 March. Her hand over his nose and mouth caused him convulsions, his body turning blue. Recovered fully after emergency treatment, Nottingham.

Becky Phillips, nine weeks. Allitt attacked with insulin between 3 and 4 April. Taken home, apparently well, but injection had delayed effect. Became convulsive, died.

Katie Phillips, nine weeks, Becky's twin, became Allitt's god-daughter. Admitted in case she contracted an infection from her sister. Assaulted three times, breathing stopped, between 5 and 7 April. Permanent, serious brain damage.

Michael Davidson, six. On 9 April Allitt made up syringe with which he was injected by a doctor. He went rigid. Heart and breathing stopped. Recovered, some short-term brain damage.

Christoper Peasgood, 8 weeks. Attacked twice by Allitt, 13 April. Heart and breathing in state of collapse. Recovered, Nottingham.

Christopher King, four weeks. Four attacks by Allitt, between 14 and 16 April. Heart almost stopped. Recovered, Nottingham.

Patrick Elstone, seven weeks. In isolation, but Allitt kept intruding on him. Soon after, he turned grey, his breathing shallow. Brain damaged.

Claire Peck, 15 months. Murdered by Allitt 22 April, after at least two attacks. Injected with potassium, she died the same day.

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