Page boy faints during Queen's speech in House of Lords

A 'loud thud' could be heard in the Chamber

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There is little capable of fazing the Queen, who managed to remain expressionless even when a page boy who helped the monarch into the House of Lords to deliver her annual speech fainted.

The boy dropped to the floor with an audibly loud thud just seconds after the Queen announced the government would work towards a "comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran".

Charles and Camilla immediately made concerned gestures towards the boy but the Queen did not stumble over her speech, take a brief pause from the task at hand, or even glance in the direction of the noise - which in this case, was a young boy passed out on the floor.

Even the child being carried unceremoniously out of the chamber failed to distract the Queen from delivering the final 60 seconds of government legislation.

The remaining Page Boys were then forced to split gown-carrying duties between three after the 10-minute speech came to a close.

A House of Lords spokesman has since confirmed the boy "fainted sightly" but is fine and with his family.