Palestine and parking protests in alliterative clash on the streets of Bristol

"This is what happens when you arrange protests alphabetically," Twitter quips

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A Free Palestine protestor has had his flag snapped in two after straying onto the turf of parking protestors in Bristol.

The man mounted a Second World War tank that rolled towards City Hall as part of the protest against the mayor's resident parking zones, but was quickly challenged by the tank's driver who ripped the flag away, snapped it in half and threw it on the road.

The Free Palestine protestors were also in the city centre this afternoon, calling on councillors to honour those who lost their lives in Gaza with a minute's silence.

According to the Bristol Post, the protest's leader Busharat Ali said that, being a symbol of war, the tank was insulting to their cause.

Many commentators online agreed, while Mayor George Ferguson tweeted that the clash with the Gaza protest put the parking issues "into perspective".

Others found humour in the clash meanwhile, with one Twitter user quipping: "This is what happens when you arrange protests alphabetically."

Some members of the council did stand for the minute's silence, while the meeting carried on without them.