Parents resort to litigation over food of love

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WRITS about the wedding reception began to fly before Angie and Chris White had even returned from their Kenyan honeymoon.

Angie's mum and dad had refused to pay their promised pounds 836 contribution to the meal at Barrowby village hall, near Grantham, Lincolnshire, because they judged the food 'no better than school dinners' and the portions too small. The bridegroom's parents begged to differ. They had, after all, done the catering.

Yesterday the nine-month dispute was settled at Sleaford County Court when Cara and David White, Chris's parents, successfully sued Liz and Norman Smith, Angie's parents. In a private hearing Judge Vivien Buchanan ruled that the Whites were entitled to pounds 836 from the Smiths, plus costs and interest.

For the Smiths it has been a case of losing both a daughter and a son-in-law. Angie has been estranged from her parents since the row began on 30 May last year. She appeared as a witness for her in-laws.

Angie emerged from the court in tears, clutching her husband's hand. She said: 'It's all over now, and at last we can get on with our lives. We had a lovely wedding day and that's what I'll remember. But I have no intentions of seeking a reconciliation with my mother. I've no thoughts at all about that.' The Smiths have abandoned a counter-claim that was due to be heard today for the return of pounds 490 which they claimed they gave Angie and Chris, both 28, as a loan.

Cara White, 52, who runs the Supercrust catering company, said: 'The judgment was in our favour on all points. We're just happy it's all over. Everybody's been absolutely wonderful to us but I feel sad for the Smiths.'

Mr and Mrs Smith did not turn up in court. Their solicitor, John Mitchell, said: 'Mr Smith, who has had a heart attack, has had a deterioration in his already fragile health because of all this. Mrs Smith really didn't feel she could cope with the media today.'

Angie and Chris started going out two years ago after an incident at a works dance when Chris was sick over Angie. He took her out to apologise and romance blossomed.