Paris Post War: Art and Existentialism 1945-55

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Antonin Artaud died yesterday at the asylum of Ivry. When the nurse on duty was taking coffee and bread to the patients, she found the body of Antonin Artaud, lying on the floor, lifeless. He must have been trying to dress, for he still held a shoe in his hand.

I had been to see him last week. He had confided to me that he had cancer and that he was taking heavy doses of chloral to ease his sufferings. A fortnight ago, he had refused an invitation from some of his close relatives, who wanted to take him to the Midi; he had told them: 'By the end of February, beginning of March, I'll be dead.' The prophecy has come to pass.

From an article by Jean Marabini in Combat, 5 March 1948. (Trans: Emmanuelle de la Lubie)

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