Paris Post war: Art and Existentialism 1945-55

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Yesterday I had lunch with Merlau-Ponty and on Monday with Genet. Genet was very nice, no problems. M. Ponty told me that Magny's nursing a big grudge against us, because of the article - and because of the party as well. Apparently, an anonymous cyclist who just missed knocking Beaufort down in the street shouted at him: 'Hey] Clear off Existentialist]' and on the

radio even sports programmes start off with jokes about existentialism. However, nothing new about you or me in the weeklies.

From Letters to Sartre by Simone de Beauvoir, edited by Quintin Hoare, Vintage, 1992.

Paris Post War: Art and Existentialism 1945-55 at the Tate Gallery until 5 September.

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