Parliamentary Questions - Written Replies

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COASTAL DEFENCES: A survey has shown there are 135km of unprotected coast in England where action may be required, the agriculture minister Gillian Shephard disclosed. She said 12 per cent of defences inspected did not need work, 47 per cent showed some signs of wear, 33 per cent needed moderate works and 8 per cent significant works.

TODAY'S BUSINESS - Commons: Short backbench debates on facilities for the disabled in Wales; Channel Tunnel rail link voluntary purchase scheme; Treatment of asylum seekers in the UK; Child Support Agency; Impact of water bills on south-west England; Role of the Commonwealth; Benefits of Greenwich Mean Time; -Prevention of racism and anti-semitism; Ministerial accountability to Parliament. Lords: National Parks Bill, committee stage; Debate on merger of Countryside Commission and English Nature.

Both Houses rise today for the Easter break. The Commons returns on 12 April and the Lords on 11 April.