Passenger 'raped cab-driver'

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A TRAINEE woman probation officer earning extra money as a minicab driver was raped and robbed by a late-night customer, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.

Sally Howes, for the prosecution, told a jury that the 42-year-old mother-of-two alleged Robert Tully, 29, was the rapist, though he had claimed to police that the woman propositioned him, suggesting sex for money.

Mr Tully, of Tooting, south London, denies rape in June but admits stealing pounds 60 from the cab.

Miss Howes said Mr Tully called at a north London cab office at 2am and paid pounds 10 to be taken to Tooting. The woman, who began to drive him there, became alarmed as he spoke of his native Ireland and the difficulty of getting prostitutes there, but she put his talk down to drink. She became more worried when he asked if she would spend the night with him for pounds 50.

When they stopped at a block of flats, Mr Tully snatched her car keys so she followed him. He forced her to the ground and raped her, the court was told.

Afterwards the woman drove him to another part of Tooting and as he got out she realised he had taken her cash.

The woman tried to follow him to find out his address, but gave up when he pelted her with bricks and rubble.

Mr Tully was arrested at his home and told police he had had sex with the woman, but she had initiated it.

The trial continues today.