Pensioners' murders 'could be connected': Detectives in touch over two killings

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DETECTIVES hunting the killers of two elderly women found murdered in their homes just half a mile apart said yesterday they have not ruled out a link between the attacks.

Mary Kilbride, 80, was found dead with head injuries on Monday at her home in Bradford. Officers said the level of violence far exceeded that needed to subdue a woman who might have surprised a burglar. Her body was found two weeks after Amy Shepherd, 86, was discovered dead in sheltered accommodation near by. She had been strangled, stabbed and sexually assaulted.

Officers are treating the crimes as separate inquiries. Detective Superintendent Philip Johnson said it was too early to link the killings but the detectives were keeping in constant touch. He added: 'We have a completely open mind as to who has committed these offences. Whoever it is, he is clearly a dangerous individual and it is important that he is caught.'