People are writing their darkest secrets for the whole world to see at a train station

The artwork resembles an alternative version of Jerusalem's Wailing Wall

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Commuters' deepest and darkest secrets have been written on a huge billboard for the whole world to see at Brighton's train station.

Perched above the departures board and called the Waiting Wall, the interactive artwork,, was devised for the Brighton digital festival by Alan Donohoe and Steven Parker form creative digital storytelling partnership Free The Trees.

Their project was inspired by an idea in Alain de Botton’s book Religion for Atheists, which suggests an alternative version of Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall where ordinary people share their private thoughts on public advertising boards.

It will be on display until Friday.

“Standing on the concourse waiting for yet another delayed, overcrowded train, will become a rare eye-opening and uplifting experience,” the description on Free The Trees’ website reads.

“’The Waiting Wall’, referencing commuters’ experiences, is an electronic display of Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall, that would ‘anonymously broadcast our inner woes’, thereby reminding us that ‘we are none of us alone in the extent of our troubles and lamentations’.”

Here are some of the thoughts commuters have submitted so far:

You can view The Waiting Wall online and submit your own thoughts here.