Police aim to stop concert for European skinheads

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POLICE in Nottinghamshire confiscated a portable stage in an attempt to stop hundreds of European skinheads staging an open air concert today, writes Tim Kelsey. Local landowners have been told to contact the police if they receive any suspicious requests made at short notice for the use of their land.

The concert, organised by the British neo-Nazi group Blood & Honour, was reportedly scheduled to take place in a field in the village of Jacksdale, near Sutton. Police raided the site and are understood to have seized a large quantity of lager imported from the Continent, on which duty had allegedly not been paid. It is said that more than 10,000 cans of lager were confiscated.

Police could not confirm reports that a ports warning had been issued to stop European skinheads planning to attend the concert entering the UK.

The spokesman said the concert was banned from its proposed location because the organisers were in breach of safety and licensing requirements. He added: 'We are, however, concerned that the organisers may seek an alternative venue in the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area.

'Licensees, landowners, and owners of other possible venues are requested to bear this in mind and may wish to contact the police for advice should they receive a request at short notice.'