Police arrest 59 over drugs

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POLICE last night revealed they had made 79 arrests so far at the Glastonbury festival, writes Martin Wroe.

Police said about 60 arrests were for drugs-related offences as LSD, magic mushrooms, amphetamines and cannabis were seized from revellers. Other arrests were for deception, traffic violations, criminal damage and affray.

More than 80,000 pop and rock fans set up camp in preparation for three days of music, madness and warm beer.

Police were last night monitoring a New Age Traveller convoy of about 40 vehicles located in a lay-by 10 miles away at Burrow Bridge. Officers had planned to split up the convoy by allowing one road-worthy vehicle to leave every 15 minutes, but travellers refused to co-operate. One man was arrested for breach of the peace.

One traveller, known only as Paul, said: 'All we want to do is have a good time. If the two sides meet there could be trouble.'

Last night Chief Inspector Mike Arrowsmith, who is heading the operation to contain the travellers, said: 'It's a stalemate. I don't see this turning violent necessarily - but if it does it certainly won't be provoked by us.'