Police criticised over Triad 'perks': Correction

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Detective Inspector David Cater and Detective Inspector Andrew Rennison: an apology

A REPORT entitled 'Police criticised over triad 'perks' ' and published in the issue of the Independent on 6 November 1992 suggested that Detective Inspector David Cater (who led the investigation) and Detective Inspector Andrew Rennison had had an improper relationship with Britain's first triad 'supergrass', George Cheung; that in particular, they had offered him 'perks' in return for giving evidence; and that they had been criticised for their conduct by the Judge.

We now acknowledge that all these suggestions were wholly untrue, and we withdraw them unreservedly.

We apologise to Detective Inspector Cater and to Detective Inspector Rennison for the distress and embarrassment caused to them by our article.