Police face complaint over gun inquiry

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A POLICE investigation into a shooting at a ragga concert in west London has provoked an official complaint.

Mikey Koos, 34, the concert promoter, complained after his home was raided by armed police at 5am last week.

Ten other homes were raided and a number of people were taken to Hammersmith police station.

Julie Stanhope, solicitor for Mr Koos, said: 'All these people are successful and well paid members of the black community, and they had already co-operated with the police. Why on earth do they have to come smashing their doors down at 5am and pointing rifles at their families?'

A man was shot in the back with a high-calibre automatic pistol during a concert at Hammersmith Palais on Easter Monday. Bullets were also fired into the ceiling.

Donna Dwyer, 32, the girlfriend of Mr Koos, said of the raid: 'My three teenage daughters were woken up by men with guns. They asked me if I'd ever seen Mikey with a firearm. I'd never seen a gun in my life until I had it pointed in my face that morning.' Mr Koos, who was working away from London, went to Hammersmith police station the following afternoon. He was shown a police video of the concert, in which it was alleged he could be seen onstage passing a gun to the keyboard player during the set. Mr Koos told police he was passing a microphone.

Mr Koos says he was held in a cell for two hours, waiting for his possessions to be returned. He was finally told they could not be found.

Ms Stanhope has filed a complaint. 'They took all the papers for his business away, which would have made it impossible for him to work. I'm in police stations all the time, and it was quite obvious to me that the police just wanted to stir things up,' she said.

'If people co-operate with the police and are treated like this, what value is there in their co-operation?'

A Scotland Yard spokesman said yesterday: 'If a complaint has been made, it will be fully investigated.'

Three men and a woman, including Mr Koos and Donna Dwyer, have been bailed until 14 July pending further inquiries.