Police fear killer may strike at gay festival

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POLICE fear that the serial killer attacking London homosexuals, and who has murdered five men, may look for a victim at Pride '93, the lesbian and gay festival in the capital today, writes Will Bennett.

Officers will hand out leaflets warning of the danger posed by the killer at the festival in Brockwell Park, south London, which up to 100,000 people are expected to attend. Detectives will mingle with the crowds.

Four hundred posters with photographs of the victims will be displayed in the park. On the march preceding the festival, the gay rights group OutRage will hand out whistles for homosexuals to use if attacked. While detectives think that the murderer will not be able to resist attending, some organisers of the festival disagree. Although he phoned the police after each murder he has not done so since the killings have been publicly linked.

Kim de Testre, one of the organisers, said: 'I don't think this man, whoever he is, will be brave enough to turn up if he is not even brave enough to talk to the police again. We will have extra stewards and extra police on duty, with other security precautions we don't want to reveal. This festival is a celebration of our sexuality and we are not going to let this killer spoil it.'

Information from the homosexual community is continuing to pour into Galop, the Gay London Policing Group. So far 24 callers have given details of attacks which may be linked to the murders.

Anyone with information on the murders of Christopher Dunn and Perry Bradley III should call 071-937 7945. Detectives investigating the deaths of Andrew Collier or Emanuel Spiteri are on 071-488 6668. Information on the murder of Peter Walker can be given to officers on either number.