Police issue photo in hunt for serial killer: Man and victim filmed by security camera

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SCOTLAND YARD yesterday issued a photograph of the man they believe could be the killer who has murdered five London homosexuals, accompanying his last victim to the man's home.

It was taken by a security camera at Charing Cross station in central London at 10.32pm on Saturday 12 June. It shows the last victim, Emanuel Spiteri, 41, on the right; the man sought by police is behind him as they enter the station. Spiteri, a Maltese-born catering assistant, left a public house in Earls Court alone about 45 minutes before; police assume he met his companion on his way to the station, where they caught a train to Cannon Street station. They have been identified by passengers on another train from Cannon Street to Hither Green, south-east London.

Spiteri is believed to have been strangled between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The man in the photograph is white, 30 to 40, heavily built and 6ft tall, clean-shaven with a full face, close-cropped dark brown hair and stained teeth. He is wearing jeans, a dark T-shirt and a dark, bomber-type jacket.

Police are also anxious to trace a women filmed walking towards the two men. She wore a white jacket and jeans and had a drawstring shoulder bag.

Detective Chief Superintendent Ken John, leading the inquiry, last night appealed for information: 'Somebody out in the community will know this man . . . Who is this man, and where is this man?'

The other victims were Peter Walker, found dead at his home in Battersea (10 March); Christopher Dunn, 37, of Wealdstone, north-west London (30 May); Perry Bradley, 35, found in Kensington, west London (7 June); and Andrew Collier, 33, of Dalston, east London (9 June).

(Photograph omitted)