Police video shows lorry narrowly avoiding accident with road rage driver

Video: Citroen driver slams on his breaks on in front of the HGV

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Police in the West Midlands have released video of the moment a petty spat over lane position on the M5 almost turned into a horrendous accident.

The video shows a lorry driver and a driver of Citroen jostling for lane position on the M5 motorway back in August. The lorry driver cuts into the middle lane just behind the blue Citroen, evidently angering the driver in front.

With the HGV only several feet ahead, the driver slams on the brakes, with the lorry managing to respond quick enough to avoid a collision. The Citroen driver then speeds off down the motorway.

West Midlands Police posted the video on their YouTube page and wrote, "Not only was the driver putting his life on the line, but also that of his wife in the passenger seat and other road users who could have been caught in the ensuing carnage."

Following the near miss, the Citroen driver later admitted a count of dangerous driving. He was ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work, given a 12-month driving ban and had to pay £145 in court costs.

The driver must also retake their driving test.