Policeman hurt in dog fight retires

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A POLICEMAN who was injured as he wrestled and killed a pit bull terrier after it went on the rampage has had to leave the force.

Inspector John Newey tackled the animal after it ran wild on a housing estate and bit two children. Using a noose he strangled the dog as it tried to escape while frightened residents looked on.

Mr Newey, 46, of Rawmarsh, South Yorkshire, fractured the base of his spine in the fight and has been off sick since the incident in October last year. He has been ordered to retire on medical grounds after nearly 27 years in the South Yorkshire force.

He said: 'It's disappointing that I should have to leave the force like this, but I'm told I may still need surgery on the injury.

'I'm a dog owner myself and I wouldn't have killed the dog unless I thought it was necessary.'