Policeman is shot after car chase

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A POLICEMAN was seriously injured yesterday when he was shot as he and a colleague sat in their patrol car after a car chase in Hereford.

The colleague escaped and managed to radio for help and last night the injured officer, who was shot in the leg, was being treated in hospital in Hereford.

West Mercia Police said the shooting occurred after the officers saw a car which had been reported as wanted in connection with a domestic incident.

As they gave chase through the city centre the car suddenly stopped and a man jumped out and fired at the policemen. The gunman then fled, but was arrested a short while later.

The police spokesman said: 'One officer was hit in the leg and was seriously injured, although his life is not thought to be threatened.

'It is believed that the man then got back into the vehicle and drove off. A short distance away he was spotted by armed officers, challenged and arrested without further incident.'

Last night a man was helping police with inquiries.