Polish migrants strike nationwide and donate blood to battle prejudice

As well as a nationwide strike, migrants also protested outside Parliament

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Thousands of Polish migrant workers have gone on strike today; they are using the time off work to donate blood, in order to demonstrate their value and contribution to the British economy.

More than 2,000 people registered to donate blood as part of the #polishblood campaign. The idea was conceived by George Byczynski, coordinator of the British Poles Initiative.

Byczynski donated blood today and believes there is a great connection between Britain and Poland.

“The history of the Polish people in the United Kingdom is beautiful. Our grandfathers fought in the Battle of Britain seventy-five years ago, and spilled the blood then. And today we are donating blood for Britain as well.”

“Poles do not come here to take benefits, they come here to work, study and contribute to society... nobody can ever complain about a migrant who comes here to donate blood – it’s a beautiful thing.”

The British Poles Initiative have been posting pictures of those who have donated blood today on their social networks.