'Politicians lie better on television'

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POLITICIANS who aim to lie and get away with it should appear on television rather than in print and should certainly avoid radio if the results of one of the biggest scientific experiments are any guide, writes Susan Watts.

Last night, 87,000 Tomorrow's World viewers called in during the programme to help test a new theory of lying.

The aim was to test whether it is easier to lie on television, radio or in print. Viewers saw two interviews with Sir Robin Day about his favourite film - in one Sir Robin lied and in the other he told the truth.

Just over half, 52 per cent, of viewers that rang correctly spotted Sir Robin was lying in interview one - Gone With the Wind is not his favourite film, he prefers Some Like it Hot.

Readers of yesterday's Daily Telegraph performed slightly better, with 64 per cent spotting the interview in which he lied. But radio listeners did best of all, with 73 per cent of BBC Radio 1 listeners who rang in correctly identifying interview one.