Abortions based on child's gender set to be banned by MPs

The Independent revealed in January that up to 4,700 female children 'disappeared' from national census records

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Abortions carried out on the basis of the unborn child’s gender look set to be banned by MPs tomorrow.

In January, The Independent revealed that between 1,400-4,700 female children seemed to have “disappeared” from the national census records in England and Wales and that the natural 50:50 balance of boys and girls in some immigrant communities had started to be affected.

MPs will tomorrow discuss a Bill which would state categorically that the 1967 Abortion Act does not permit abortions based on gender in the expectation that this will enable prosecutions to take place.

Fiona Bruce, the Conservative MP who tabled the Bill, told The Sunday Telegraph that she expected there would be “huge” support for the idea in the Commons.

“This isn’t seeking to change the law. We are only seeking to clarify it,” she said, adding: “I can say quite confidently, from the support I’ve had on this proposed Bill, that my view is shared by a huge number of my colleagues here. And that’s right across the political spectrum ... some of the women who are supporting my Bill you would consider would be diametrically opposed to me on many issues relating to women. On this one they are standing full-square with me.”