Alex Salmond has 'broken his word to the Scottish people' says Scottish Lib Dem leader

Willie Rennie, the leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, accused the former First Minister of deception

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The leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has accused Alex Salmond of breaking his word to the Scottish people.

Willie Rennie made the charge after the former First Minister of Scotland said he believes he will see another independence referendum within his lifetime, in an interview with The Times.

Mr Salmond thinks that an English vote to leave the EU could prove a “tipping point” for another poll, if Scotland votes to stay.

He said: “If you believe there are four equal nations, partners in this United Kingdom, then it seems reasonable that no one country should be dragged out of the European firmament against its will.”


Despite previously stating unequivocally that independence was a “once in a generation opportunity”, the MSP is confident that independence would be won in a future refendum.

The politician, who is to contest a Westminster seat at the next election, dismissed the “vow” the three major UK party leaders signed on the front page of the Daily Record following the independence referendum.

“The language at the time was ‘home rule’, ‘devo to the max’ or as Gordon put it ‘as near federalism as you can get’. That’s not what is now being proposed. It was betrayal,” he said. “It’s still only 30 per cent of tax revenues.”

Mr Rennie is shocked that the former Scottish leader is so critical of the Smith Commission, which tabled new powers for the Scottish government.

"I am sure people will be puzzled that Alex Salmond is rubbishing the Smith Commission which is transferring big welfare and tax powers to Scotland. It is odd as his party signed up to the package of powers,” he said.

"The SNP took their eye off the ball during the referendum and cancer targets were missed, college places were slashed and hospitals went into crisis," he added.

"Backing Alex Salmond's plans for another referendum is not in Scotland's interest."

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