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Indy Politics

Art theft discovered

A British art thief stole at least 2,500 treasures from London's Victoria and Albert Museum. The man, called Nevin, started work as an attendant at the museum in 1930. When police raided his house in 1954 they found it packed withprints, paintings, musical instruments, lacquer boxes and 98 Japanese swords.

Threat to Lady Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill demanded an investigation into how a threat to murder his wife was leaked to the press. An anonymous letter, sent in 1954, warned Lady Churchill would be shot if British troops were not withdrawn from Kenya. Signed "Yours most wickedly" it was sent by a "General Stalin" on behalf of the Mau Mau rebels.

Footballer roughed up

Former England international Kevin Keegan was "roughed up" by Yugoslav police at an airport in 1974. He was left with bruises and a bloody nose after being questioned for 30 minutes. An official complaint was made.

Magazine spread 'vulgar'

Zsa Zsa Gabor infuriated MPs and trustees of the Tate Gallery when she was photographed half-straddling one of its sculptures for the magazine Illustrated in the 1950s. The trustees' chairman, Earl Jowitt, described it as "vulgar and altogether deplorable".

Wilson's submarine plan

Harold Wilson wanted to bring a nuclear submarine to Belfast to restore electricity cut off by the loyalist Ulster Workers Council strike in 1974. A Ministry of Defence official said the plan could not work.