An unbiased appraisal of Michael Gove's new specs


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Indy Politics

Who's the coolest member of the Coalition? Jazz fan Ken Clarke? Mick Jones's cousin Grant Shapps? The competition, with respect to Danny Alexander and Oliver Letwin, isn't too fierce.

But an unlikely contender for the role of coolest cat in the Cabinet comes in the form of Education Secretary Michael Gove. Gove – a man whose looks have previously earned him spiteful comparisions with children's cartoon characters – has emerged with a new set of heavy-rimmed spectacles that made him look like a debonair Mad Men ad man.

And, as someone with absolutely no vested interest in promoting the personal style of awkward blokes in wide-rimmed bins, one might even go so far as to say that he looks rather handsome. A PR triumph!

Stick Eric Pickles in a pair of tortoise-shell Ray Bans and we'll have a Tory majority come 2015.