Andy Burnham says Labour would back further airstrikes on Isis in Syria under his leadership

The Government is trying to build consensus behind extending RAF bombing

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Andy Burnham has signalled that Labour would back the extension of airstrikes against Isis positions in Syria under his leadership.

Mr Burnham said he would proceed “cautiously” and “responsibly” over any future military action but warned that the UK “should not stand by the side-lines.”

“The Labour party needs to learn the lessons of the last decade and proceed with great care but that is not to say that we should stand by the side-lines,” Mr Burnham told journalists.

“People do look up to this country to play its role and to stand up for people that are the risk of violence and persecution.”


Mr Burnham added that the publication of the long awaited Chilcot report into the Iraq war would be “sobering” for Labour and would guide the party’s future foreign and defence policies.

The Government is trying to build consensus behind the extending of the RAF’s bombing of Isis positions in Syria but it wants to delay calling for a vote in Parliament until Labour has a new leader-which would mean after the summer recess.